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New Year: A Resolution-Free Zone.
New Year: A Resolution-Free Zone.
This New Year, make it a "New Year's Resolution"-free zone.
Right now, make the commitment: No. New. Year's. Diet. Or. Gym. Resolution.
You know, deep down, that way you've felt going to the gym up to now - with all the equipment, all the others who seem to look great... 
That intimidating-looking male personal trainer who just seems too big to be true... Or the glossy-looking female PT who just seems to be friends with EVERYONE...!
This year, here's your free pass: 
Skip the Resolution.
Skip the gym.
And: Skip the diet. OK? (Diets don’t work anyway).
It could become a new Nike slogan: Just No Resolutions. :)
Why? Here's the truth: 
Winners start early. 
Winners gets more in life, more money, more freedom, more health, more time, more confidence, and a whole chain reaction of other great things. How?
First of all, they Start right.
They know what it takes to get the body they truly desire, and ironically enough it doesn't start in the gym: It starts in their mind. 
Winners start with the correct mindset for success, BEFORE putting anything in place by stepping inside the gym, doing the new crash diet - only to see it dwindle and burned out before the spring is over... You are probably nodding your head right now as you read this. If so, read on:
The winners then figure out the correct ways to treat the body, to ensure it is primed for success. 
You see, they don't fall for the same mistake most people do: Body > Mind > Happy.
They Start right: Mind > Energy > Body > Results > Happy.
When they’ve got the mindset of success, this leads to the body of their dreams - and with the mindset of a winner, at this point they head to the gym... But this time, it is not to fight the battle, because you see, the battle has already been fought and it has been won.
Winners step inside the gym for top-up sessions, to really craft and hone the healthy body they have already got moving, to fine-tune the already-working machine that they have crafted, first in their minds, next in their energy, and next in their body ...
You see, this order is *extremely* important.
I would go so far as to say it is *the* most important aspect in all of this, in all ways, to achieve the desired outcome that you have of gaining more energy, losing body weight - which inevitably leads to more free time, more space and balance in your life, to focus on what truly matters to you: Your free time, your "me time", your friendships, your relationships, without ever having to worry about this health and body aspect of your life ever again.
So if you are ready for a complete transformation (and I’m not just saying this like everyone else does. I truly know it, live it and breathe it) then please, do yourself a favour:
Skip the gym.
Because, you know, the years before now when you've been to the gym, you've done the diet, or you've sought to 'out-train' the diet that you have already... Was it all really worth it?
What if there were a better, easier, healthier, more effective and more *enjoyable* way to gain the body you desire?
BEFORE even setting foot in the gym?
Because you see, this is what you can do BEFORE heading back to the gym, if you actually do want to go there again:
Imagine yourself in the next 3 months, you have already spent the past 5 weeks spending the correct amount of energy, focused on the correct ways of building your body right, so that all your body systems are working correctly...
You're eating what you love, whatever you choose at *any* time of year (Christmas included!) - and you're not gaining weight. You're actually losing it. 
More than that: You feel better, more energised than you have ever felt in your life to date. Ever.
It's all systems in alignment.
Your energy is soaring. And the body fat - well, you've stopped thinking about it, because it is simply disappearing without you even considering it for one further moment.
And people are noticing. Especially that one friend, family member or 'acquaintance' :)))
The churn feeling that you had up to now, the churn from the slog of having to go to work, head to the gym or yoga during the lunch hour or after, to get your energy back on track... Well, that whole "thing" is now a thing of the past.
The churn no longer exists.
You now have the energy, weight, and crucially, the mind aspects sorted before you even step inside the gym.
(And if you do step back inside, your gym work now becomes all about honing and refining what is already working for you).
You didn't have the time. Now you do.
You didn't have the energy. Now you truly do.
You didn't have the confidence. Sincerely: Now this is a thing of the past. (You are soaring with courage).
Here's a question for you: What if you could turn up to the gym and already *be* at your ideal body weight, so that now - with your personal trainer or following the program you know and love - you are now simply tweaking and finessing the muscle gain, the results you truly desire, and starting to shape that body beautifully, the way you've always desired?
Because it all comes down to this: Winners start right.
Winners build right.
And winners gain all that they desire, right?
So even if you would not consider yourself a 'winner' right now: If you are looking for the surefire way to achieve your desired body weight, raise your energy levels up to super level status, and put everything fully on autopilot so that you can say:
"Check! THIS was when I sorted out my body issues for ever..."
... And you just glided through the rest of your life in the health area of life from now on, and could focus on the other aspects that you are now choosing... What would that be worth it to you?
At the beginning of and at the end of Spring, each year, the most popular Resolution is weight loss and going to the gym.
If someone could wave a fairy godmother style magic wand and *give* you that achieved goal, now, if they gave you the option to have a full month head start on actually achieving this desire and give you the body YOU choose: Would you take the head start? 🤔
Of course you would. Who wouldn’t?
Sadly, most people ignore the call they hear now, they head to the gym in January of June full of Christmas or pre-Summer guilt, and quit after just their first few weeks. Why?
In my experience they quit for a number of reasons:
- The slow results that just don't seem to show
- The shock that an unprepared body experiences
- The time it takes to get to the gym or class
- The time it takes At the Gym
- The Cost associated with a new gym or class membership
- The hunger pains (because they are dieting, right?)
- The lack of knowledge on how to eat
- The brain trying to conserve energy and talking you out of it...
Along with many other reasons people tell themselves that having their DREAM BODY just isn't realistic and is only for the people who spend more time, money, and just don't enjoy life...
I can tell you this, THAT ISN'T TRUE! Well for some people it may be but coming from someone who really understands how the body works and how the diet industry lies, I can tell you that there are simple easy ways around ALL OF THAT that are getting in peoples' way of achieving the body and energy they truly desire.
You're to busy? OK TRUST ME. I get it. I work mostly with busy working mums, overworked professionals, and entrepreneurs who are BUSY BUSY BUSY people. I'm one of them, which is why I created my plan around a busy lifestyle.
You don't have enough cash...? My Truth Series program doesn't require a gym membership: This saves you money on a gym membership, gas to and from the gym, time wasted in the car, and wear and tear on your vehicle.
I have a solution to all of the problems I have listed above that people try to use as an excuse to stop going after their Dream Body. Its been my mission to help people ACTUALLY reach their goal this time. By this Christmas or Summer, actually (depending on when you are reading this!).
There are so many common problems that I see almost all the experts / nutritionists / Fad diets pushers.... They don't teach the correct "start process", pared with the correct "build process" or a realistic plan that someone can put on autopilot so that they never need to even think about their body health again - for the next 20 years.
So, back to the fairy godmother granting you your head start wish, that if you choose it, leads you to just about everything you desire in life:
In the next 50-ish days this will be everyones goal. I will be super busy, Gyms will be super busy, and you'll probably still be super busy...
I am inviting you to work with me personally starting TODAY and our mission together is to get you far closer or all the way to the finish line before the New Year - Depending on your starting point and goal.
I will teach you *the* correct ways to start right, build right, my personal lifestyle and how I eat enjoyable food whenever I choose, work out only around 15 minutes a day from home if I choose, hardly ever visit the doctor and shred fat and build tone whenever I like to.
My coaching will give you the keys to your body AND mind back, that all that yoga and mindset training should have given you before now. Instead they gave you the Secret... But thats a topic for a different day...
If you are sick of the YO-YO diets, Giving up everything you love, Spending hours in the gym and only seeing little results that just get worse as soon as you quit... then THIS IS FOR YOU!
TRUST ME, 50 days from now, you'll be SO glad you started Today.
Lets do this together. 💪
So if you are ready, and you now want to take your body, life and energy to the next level - where you see the body fat drop off with ease... Then just visit here to schedule a strategy session with me today, and we can get right to it!
To your high energy!

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