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More information... on Secret 4: Supplement

On this page, you'll discover more knowledge explaining (i) why the Secret 4 protocols we recommend work (ii) how they can help you, and (iii) full details about Secret 4 and the supplements we recommend.

Results are addictive, aren’t they?

You don’t get tired of the game when you’re winning. And if you’re up to this step already, you’re definitely winning. Good for you! It’s true that you can stop right here and still have achieved more than ever in terms of having a great figure and a healthy body.

You can stop. But why would you? Aren’t you one of those people who believe they can have it all? We know you are. And now that your body is cleansed and re-charged with what it actually needs to function, now is the perfect time to make the best of the greatest supplements available on the market.

The key here is that with you having successfully discovered and actioned the previous 3 Secrets, we are now able to focus solely on helping your cells be the very best they can be! Which leads to incredible energy...

Now is the best time to add supplements in your life.

However! If you have not already completed Secrets 1-3, your cells will likely still be “coated” with the junk that make it much harder to absorb and receive the benefits from the supplements here. (We highly recommend you to return to those Secrets, complete them, and then return back to this page).

That being said, however, you can take supplements at any step in this process, and the benefits will still be felt - even right after Secret 1! Each of the supplements we feature have been extensively researched and tested, and we also personally attest to their efficacy from personal use. Don’t just take our word for it: in all pharmacies, and even supermarkets across the country, you will find the supplements listed (however they are unlikely to be as pure and high quality as the non-filler versions we recommend).

This is the part where everything gets interesting.

The next section of Source Vital (click the 9 protocols below) contains the most comprehensive, detailed information on the web, about vitality, energy, and reclaiming your youthfulness.

These are keys to anti-ageing, that have been thoroughly researched by mainstream (and alternative) practitioners and are known for their effectiveness and potency. We've simply collected the knowledge in one convenient corner-of-the-web for you!

Here you can learn more on the following 9 protocols:

  1. How to anti-age, increase vitality, longevity and youthfulness
  2. Additional good sources of silicon for collagen production
  3. How to reverse magnesium deficiency
  4. Hormonal foundations for: producing growth hormone; muscles, virility, endurance; anti-ageing; the central nervous system, healthy blood
  5. How to remove heavy metals & antioxidation
  6. Heart health and reducing inflammation
  7. How to healthily detoxify your liver
  8. Elixirs of life: fulvic & humic acid + how to remove fluoride & chlorine
  9. Source Vital - strong mitochondrial function and ATP energy production

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