The Final Health & Lifestyle Course You'll Ever Need.

Truth Series is Source Vital's Flagship health & wellness course. 

It was created as a result of pondering the question:

What if you could create miracles in your life, with ease?

That is exactly what our founder, Simon, did.

And for him, the miracle he created was gaining supreme health, the best health he has ever experienced — and that he continues to experience to this day.

This process occurred in 2016, after Simon's 20 years of failing with diet and exercise, fad programs, and useless supplements.

The process that he discovered, however, goes SO much deeper than simply dieting or exercise:

When he finished 'reverse engineering' what he had done, he realised it encapsulated so much more than just gaining true health. 

It was a full system for trauma removal, stress reduction, fully ameliorating multiple ailments or diseases, miracle creation — and it comprises a toolkit to thrive in and squeeze the very most out of this wonderful experience that we call "life".

Truth Series was born.

Truth Series is the culmination of 20 years of real-world experiments, testing, and confirming the real techniques that teach you how to gain your ideal body weight, body look, mindset, and energy for success and miracle creation.

Truth Series contains the greater wisdom on all these aspects including how to shift reality to "manifest" / create things *correctly* so that you can gain true balance in life.

On Truth Series we start by focusing on healing all the Body systems:

- The digestive system
- The energy system
- The immune system
- The metabolic system
- The mental system
- The lymphatic system, and others (including the spiritual systems; yes Truth Series goes really, really deep!)

... In order, and in order to create, from the ground up, the very strongest version of you, you have ever experienced.


Who is Truth Series for?

Truth Series is especially for mothers, high-performing professionals who are experiencing a traumatic episode, or “the churn” of work / homelife, and spiritual seekers who are experiencing: 

- Anxiety, depression, or other energy-related issues (such as accidents) 
- Lack of purity of energy in their physical bodies 
- And who feel as though they have zero balance in life, for whatever reason. 

We'll teach you how to create correctly, how this reality actually works, and the step-by-step process to get your body wholly aligned — and then also for your creations, your miracles, to actually "come in" to this reality. 

Truth Series last for 6 weeks of course content, and comes with 12 months of direct support from the Source Vital team of experts.

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