Falling down makes you better.

I see this with all my clients: Falling down makes you better, otherwise you are just getting lucky.

And trust me on this one: We all fall down (remind you of a certain nursery rhyme?)...

If you just think the stars happen to be aligned for you, and you are getting lucky, then that is really great, it is all well and fine and dandy.

However, the likelihood of the obstacle you just surmounted (with luck) coming up and arising again (and you just being blown away about "why it came up again" at that later date) ~ those odds are really high. They are actually guaranteed.

So hitting those obstacles, acknowledging them, navigating them and becoming better for them, this is a learning process that builds and builds on top of itself, and it is something that will help you for the rest of your life, as opposed to just stumbling from one "getting lucky" moment to another...

Stumbling in and getting lucky upfront, and then later down the line not being able to explain why things aren't working so well. I know, it has happened to me, it happens all the time to everybody, including the people you love, of course.

However, there is a path and a route of mastery around it!

And once you have taken this route, you are now at the stage where you are saying: "Wow, OK... There is nothing in my way, the obstacles and pitfalls that used to be there have now gone".

Sure, you have had to learn some things along the way, and you can see what those things are now, and maybe some smaller issues in the future will pop up that you didn't foresee. But with the tools that you now have, you are more than able and equipped to be able to deal with them easily effortlessly and enjoyably.

And you now no longer see anything that you cannot get around.

You now know that you can take your life in the direction and to the "higher heights" now ~ as great as you would like to be.

I do not know if you will take it to that level, but I know that if you wanted to, you could, and you could do it very easily.

So if you are ready, and you now want to take your body, life and energy to the next level - where you see the body fat drop off with ease... Then just click here to schedule a strategy session with me today, and we can get right to it!

Have a great day!

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