Why Diets Don’t Work.

It's back in the day, and you have discovered a new way of eating that is pretty much revolutionary in the diet industry for the time.

This diet advocates high amounts of fat, meat, and dairy, and is geared towards getting your body into a state called ketosis - that a lot of the re-named 'keto-diets' are all about, these days...
You do the diet for a fair amount of time. And you lose weight.

"Great!" you think.

You're energy is also off the charts!

Fast forward just a few years later, and due to the type of foods you have been consuming, you now have acid reflux off the charts, you've regained all the weight lost, and are suffering the worst cases of heart burn, every night, that you believe are possible for a "22 year old" / "Your Age" (let us say in the prime of your life).

So you go to the gym, and get ripped.

You do the shakes, the protein intake, the high-calorie aspects, the low-calorie aspects. And you get ripped. By which I mean leaner, and more toned - healthy-looking. To the extent that friends by the end of your time on this program are commenting, saying how great you look, you have got a six-pack and all that... Wow!

Fast forward just a few years later from here, and you are now working a full-time job, and again: The acid reflux has returned (this time with mild but growing depressive episodes), you have regained all the weight lost from the gym - even though you are STILL going to the gym, even more regularly, whilst at work - and you are still suffering the worst cases of heart burn and now anxiety, every night before going to bed than you ever thought possible...

So you look to "out-train" your lifestyle...

To be honest you're not really getting enough sleep at this stage due to work, you're eating pretty weirdly, still with lots of meats and dairy (which everyone at the time is saying is the root of all evil...) so you look to out-train that belly that is now growing, little by little, as you go day-by-day through life, work, gym, work, more work, and sleep. And repeat.

By out-train, what I mean is that, you get to this mindset where you are like: "Well, I like going out for drinks after work, dinners with my friends or partner, having fun and staying up - so I will train like a pro athlete at the gym, so I can out-do the small bits of bad stuff I am doing, and keep my weight and body in check that way".

Kind of like a "2 steps forward (gym training) to one step back (diet and lifestyle) = 1 step forward" kind of idea...

And this seems to be working - until you get whacked with more depressive episodes, more anxiety (which is now really off the charts...) more issues at night, and bad sleep etcetera.

By now, you also don't have as much time to train, because your career is progressing, but hey - you still manage to make that time so this definitely isn't the issue.

So you look to your diet, and truly get it sorted out.

Someone recommends vegetarianism and veganism, so you flit between the two, eating no meat (zero) for 5 years... You relax more, have much less stress in life... And you actually GAIN weight.


So you have been training, in the gym...

Eating 'right'...

You have been a vegan or vegetarian for years...

Doing hours and hours of the new yoga classes or gym or weights that just make you ache...

But still, it doesn’t work.

So you out-train some more, really amp it up, you add in cleanses but they make you feel sick, then you add running into the mix for the fresh air but you pick up a running injury just as you were getting to that breakthrough moment.

And now, in the moment of life where you thought everything would be fine and and dandy, swimming in a sea of love and rose petals, you also have no time for 'you', to do what you like to do, to have your "me time" back, because you now have children and the space for yourself has become less and less - and less.

OK enough is enough...!

(There is a positive end to all this, trust me).

I realised this at the end of my journey, that was similar to the above: Diets. Don’t. Work.

Any why? Because the diet industry has arranged it that way, for you.

They have actually manufactured it that way.

When "the next new thing" comes out, the next diet that promises the world and then does not deliver, and within two months or less you are back to square one again - that is all manufactured. 

It is intended.

It's like a kind of 'controlled illness' - if you know what I mean?

If you do not, let me explain: They don’t want you to get well, which in your case is to 'be thin and healthy', because if they did and if you were, they’d have no business, no clients, and so they’d not exist.

Think about that for a while...

Just like with medicine not doing anything more than really providing a 'band aide' solution in most cases these days. I have potential clients who come to me and say how they’re eating all the right stuff and that the foods are whole and cooked fresh. I'm all: "Great!" And then I say "Great, well you seem to have everything sorted in your life" and we part ways and I allow them to go off and do their thing.


The next time we meet they have gained another 10lbs and are headed to 20lbs more.

So we talk and they make a small excuse of, "Well, I just couldn’t stop eating the pasta and the beer, that's my 'thing' that's an issue for me," they say (it’s always one of those two!)

So I’m like: "Oh I had pasta last night and the night before. Haven’t had a beer in a while but many of my clients do. I enjoy a glass of wine every now and then too, and my sugar habits are still off the charts - I should probably take care of them in all honesty!"

And they look at me, and leave confused.

This is also one of the main reasons why I generally don’t tend to work with men. 

I find with men that they are in this denial state that I was in back in the early days when I was out-training everything... I will  present all the information on what works, to lose the weight that is desired and to gain the energy back in their life... I will say this is right here for you buddy and then they will turn around and the ego will get in the way, and it is another 8-12 months before they come back to speak again!

I teach men and women about starting right so that you get past that "ballooning effect" of no longer having to out-train your diet, of how to approach food so you don't really even need to think about eating right - you just: eat!

And your training and exercise regimes all of a sudden become way more manageable, less frequent but more effective until the inevitable occurs and after just 2 months you end up sky-rocketing to success in this area, and now you're all:

Wow. I actually have this area in my life sorted now.

... I've been there, absolutely!

I've also had friends, acquaintances and other people come up to me saying, "You know, the last three months I’ve been on the beer, the pasta, the bread...... And I know I’ve got to switch it up... But it’s just knowing what's better, what's different out there and finding the time to do it and everything”.

I get that ALL the time. And I totally 'get it', too.

If you would like to visit your sustainable, healthy body weight in terms of fat %, and muscle mass, with a clear mind, the only thing that is standing in your way is a simple phone or Skype call, and you growing from here... Not your waistline, but your LIFE.

Why am I saying this?

I claim this sincerely because I know that diets do not work. They never have. And they Never will.

And I want to make sure that you are getting the correct advice, because the alternative is a lifestyle of ballooning from one level of mild-to-high obesity (that the diet industry want you to be at), to the "I'm happy now" level, which then restarts the diet rollercoaster, up and down weight fluctuations, again...

Whereas I know that, for you, you can achieve so much more and actually become who you truly desire to be. Lean and toned? Check. That is easily possible for you. 

Ripped? Sure thing. Happy and less stressed? Yes, absolutely.

Finally, on the diet industry: "Keep 'em coming back for more" business model. That model for us is dead, because it doesn't serve anybody in this new era of true wellness and vitality anymore.

So if you are ready, and you now want to take you body, life and energy to the next level - where you see the body fat drop off with ease... Then Click here to schedule a strategy session with me today, and we can get right to it!

To your ongoing wellness!

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